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Does my business need a mobile app?

Many still assume that mobile apps are the domain of large companies, quirky start-ups and social media sites. While it’s true that these companies have much to gain from mobile apps, even the smallest business can end up seeing incredible benefits from a mobile app.

A mobile app gives your business an extra step ahead of the competition by making your brand more visible online, offering a smoother, more streamlined service to your customers, and can even give your business a boost in the search engines results pages (SERPs).

You could streamline your restaurant business with a purpose-built app, offering easy table bookings and your entire menu in a single app.

Or perhaps you’d like to offer money-off coupons via push notifications when customers walk past your high-street stores, improving the chance that they’ll come in and purchase an item?

Whatever you need your app to do, our developers will be able to build it for you.

But what about cost? Isn’t mobile app development expensive?

Not with us.

While it used to cost thousands of pounds per app, development costs have fallen as mobile apps become more important in every industry.

Many businesses still assume that app development will cost the earth for not much return, but thanks to our 7 years of development experience and comprehensive feature library we can offer the same high-performance apps for less, while ensuring you see a fantastic return on your investment.


With over 7 years of experience, we are an App Development Company that can transform the way you connect and do business with your customers, regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your company.

We’ll look at your business, your branding and the app functionality you need to build a mobile app that gives your business the edge over your competitors.

Want to build an app for your business? We’re here to help. Get in touch today by calling us on 01243 888108

Our 6 Step Launch Plan

Our app development process is quick, easy and cost-effective thanks to our 6-step app development plan.


Before we start work, we’ll carry out an in-depth consultation with you to show you what our apps can do to help your business. This planning stage allows us to figure out exactly what you need your app to do, how quickly we can build it, and how we can match whatever budget you may have.

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Step 2. DESIGN

Once we know what sort of app you’re after, we’ll start designing the architecture, coding, and features that you want to include. We’ll also design your app to match your branding and include your logo in the design, too.


Once we’ve got the design in place, our mobile app development team will start building your app. You’ll be able to access our development portal to see how work is progressing as we do it, and we’ll even give you multiple demos so you can test it out during the process.


Developing apps always brings up bugs — it’s part of the business. However, our user testing teams will spot and zap anything we find before we give you the finished version using User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Once testing is complete and all bugs are squashed, we’ll aim to launch your app.


We’ll launch your apps onto the different respective marketplaces, usually the Apple App store, or the Google Play store. Once uploaded and available, we’ll then start planning how to market and promote your new app, giving your business the boost it needs.

A group of app developers supporting a project


Once launched, you’ll have comprehensive support to keep your app running smoothly and we’ll also keep promoting your app with our marketing expertise if you decide to sign up for our monthly promotion services.

Want to build an app for your business? We’re here to help. Get in touch today by calling us on 01243 888108