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Mobile Apps for Accountancy Firms

Improve client engagement, generate new business, and give yourself the cutting-edge over your competitors with a mobile app for accountants

Sole traders, small businesses, and even large enterprises can sometimes struggle with their accounts. Imagine if it was all there, easy to access in one place, in the palm of their hand with your team there available to assist with enquiries and leads!

Provide your clients the convenience and ease of having all their accountancy needs in one place.  You can even open-up certain features just for your customers so they can unlock additional tools and resources.

Prospective customers can also see the value and services your business provides and they can make enquiries or applications through your app. Keep your clients informed and in the know with changes in accounting best practice, VAT, law, legislation and budget changes.  Be the first to tell them, become their sole and trusted accountancy adviser.

Our apps are GDPR compliant and offer a secure and reliable way to interact with your client and prospect alike.  



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Digital Transformation

Digital Disruption & Digital Transformation is having a dramatic impact on UK businesses of all sizes. Digital Disruption is the impact new digital technologies are have upon businesses. Digital Transformation is about understanding businesses information and processes and then remodelling them to take advantage of these disruptive changes.

One significant change many businesses can make is how they interact with their clients by offering a mobile app for their business. Over 91% of top business brands offer their customers a mobile app, as they recognise the many benefits this provides their customers and their business.

Apps4U specialise in providing the same functionality you find in these apps but designed for the budgets of small and independent businesses.

Businesses of all sizes need to adapt and embrace these changes in order to stay competitive and ahead of the game.  At Apps4U we can work with your business to meet these new demands and adapt your business processes to best meet the needs of your customers and your business.

But what about cost? Isn’t mobile app development expensive?

Not with us.

While it used to cost thousands of pounds per app, development costs have fallen as mobile apps become more important in every industry.

Many businesses still assume that app development will cost the earth for not much return, but thanks to our 7 years of development experience and comprehensive feature library we can offer the same high-performance apps for less, while ensuring you see a fantastic return on your investment.


With over 7 years of experience, our mobile app development services can transform the way you connect and do business with your customers, regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your company.

We’ll look at your business, your branding and the app functionality you need to build a mobile app that gives your business the edge over your competitors.

Want to build an app for your business? We’re here to help. Get in touch today by calling us on 01243 888108

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Send periodic notifications reminding your customers of key dates such as VAT returns or alert them to breaking news on budget day!


Allow your customers to quickly and easily submit important documents such as Invoices and Expenses receipts, Registrations and Returns.


Allow your customers to use your handy in-app calculators for things like,  VAT, mileage, mortgage, and APR calculations.


Allow customers to download PDF’s or submit online electronic forms that capture information and generate new leads for your business.


Allow your customer to have all your businesses contact details on their phones in a single place.  One-click dial, email, and SAT NAV directions to your offices.  If you have multiple branches share these locations too.

Mobile app accounts info symbol


Allow your clients to access key accounting related information such as Tax Tables, Tax Calendars & Application Forms.

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Embed an automated dynamic Accounting related news section that pulls relevant and current news – keeping your customer up-to-date with best practice and the latest news.

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Save time by using the Apps4U platform to keep all your social media posts in synch and post within the APP, Facebook and Twitter in a single action.

Want to build an app for your business? We’re here to help. Get in touch today by calling us on 01243 888108