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Hypnotherapists rely heavily on local business. However, with podcast hypnotherapy sessions becoming increasingly popular, it can be difficult to keep your clients visiting.

While many would immediately choose to put ads in local publications and through digital marketing, this can be extremely expensive. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll see much in return for your money.

That’s where a carefully built mobile app can help. By letting us develop your mobile app, you can overtake your competition quickly by offering a more valuable service to your clients, as well as being able to put your company name on the two main app stores.

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List of pre-built app features:

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Bookings & reservations

Fully automated and built as a time-saving feature, your app will make it simple for your clients to book a session with you. They’ll be able to see your free slots and book their session with you with a few taps. You’ll then receive a notification letting you know another slot has been booked, allowing you to keep track at all times.

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If you host your own podcasts, your hypnotherapy app can notify your clients with push notifications and then connect them directly to the podcast stream. These can also be recorded and played back later, whenever needed.

Events - Apps4UEvents

Host workshops or special events? Your app can include a streamlined calendar feature that allows your clients to quickly and easily see when your next major event is coming up. They can then book their place using the booking and reservation feature.

Music and Audio - Apps4U

Music and audio

If you record your sessions or create your own meditation or hypnotherapy tapes, your app can play music and audio files for those clients who want to listen again to a session. These can all be easily accessed and played with just a few taps.

Push notification icon - Apps4UPush notifications

Push notifications can send any message you like directly to your client’s phones. You can let them know of special offers and money off vouchers, send follow-up messages after a breakthrough session, or anything else you can think of.

PDFs icon - Apps4UPDFs

The more support you can give your clients, the more likely they are to recommend you as the go-to hypnotherapist. By including a range of PDF documentation with your therapies, you can supply all the most important information to your clients in the palm of their hand.

How much does a hypnotherapy app cost?

Not as much as you may think.

While it’s assumed that mobile apps are only for those with huge budgets to spend, the reality is very different nowadays. Not only that, but thanks to our unique way of working, we can bring these costs down even more.

Here’s how it works.

We’ve developed a list of pre-built features that you can pick and choose from. These features have already been created by our programmers, meaning all you have to do is pick the ones you want. We’ll then put those features together into an app, test it for bugs and then release it.
This means we don’t have to develop your hypnotherapy app from scratch, creating savings that we can then pass onto you.

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