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Transform the way you sell your food and build up your profits with our purpose-built online apps for Takeaways

Competition for takeaways is incredibly ruthless. With each local area usually having more than one of the same type of takeaway, ensuring you’re the top choice is fundamental if you want to stay in business.

While new takeaway directory services like Just Eat have popped up to make marketing easier, the fees charged are extremely high and can make it difficult to stay afloat from time to time.

At Apps4U, we specialise in making affordable apps for takeaways that give you the ability to keep the profits you make, without having to share it with the directory giants.

Not only that, but a carefully tailored online food ordering system allows you to offer a better, more convenient service for your customers, making them more likely to come back to you when they want a bite to eat without the hassle of navigating a complicated ordering website.

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Woman carrying polystyrene takeaway boxes Isn’t app development expensive?

It used to be, but thanks to our prebuilt feature library, unique development process and experience, we can have your initial demo app out to you within a few days. If you’re happy with the way it’s looking, we’ll polish it up, squish any bugs and put it on the main app stores.

Is Just Eat / Hungry House cheaper?

In most cases, no, not at all! These Takeaway apps charge up to a massive 15% of the profits you make. While this may not seem like much at first, over the course of a year, this profit-skimming mounts up quickly. An app for your takeaway might actually cost less than the money Just Eat takes, while also making you stand out from your competition!

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Apps for takeaways: What can mine do?

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Ordering and payment systems

The easier it is to purchase your food, the more likely it is you’ll get orders! We develop beautifully smooth and secure payment systems to make the transaction as easy as possible. No complicated navigation, no convoluted menu lists. Just simple ordering systems.

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Customer loyalty and rewards

Keeping customers coming back is much easier when they feel rewarded for being loyal. You can tailor your app to send money-off codes, in-app loyalty cards, vouchers and offers direct to your customer’s mobile devices at any stage of the process, ensuring return business.

Printing featuresPrinting features

Keeping up to speed with orders can get out of hand quickly. We can implement a specific feature that prints off your customer’s orders as soon as they come in, making it much easier for your chefs to know what to cook and when, cutting down on the time it takes for the food to arrive at your customer’s door.

Inbuilt menus - online food ordering app Inbuilt menus

Making it easy to see what’s on the menu is a great way of ensuring more sales. You can show off your menu, go into detail about each dish and even recommend extras based on the dish chosen. Your app can also include a downloadable PDF menu for extra convenience.

Reviews iconReviews

Finding out what your customers think about your business is the fastest and easiest way to make the changes that boost you above your competitors. Make it simple for your customers to leave feedback with built-in review functionality. You can even offer them money off their next order when they leave positive reviews.

Scheduled remindersScheduled reminders

Customers not ordered in a while? Send them a quick reminder that you’re open and ready to take their order! These can be scheduled for important days and events, such as an important football match or even their birthday if you have their information.

Re-ordering feature iconReordering feature

Save a customer’s previous order and implement a one-touch order system to make it extremely quick and easy for them to reorder their most loved dishes. In just a few taps, they can order their food and get a notification that it’s on the way.

Looking for more from your app? We can also implement a range of other extremely useful features into your app, helping you provide an unbeatable service to your customers.

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