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Custom Mobile App Development

Whether you have a unique app concept or just some very specific requirements, we can work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

From initial concept design we are able to support you through the entire process of bringing your app to market. Our development team are over 40 strong, with a wealth and diverse range of design and software development skills.  Whether you are a start-up bringing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to market or your business is considering developing it’s own unique solution we are able to help.  

Let’s talk, need an NDA in place first?  Download and complete our NDA .   Rest assured your ideas and all our conversations remain confidential. 

Phases of Product Development

1 - Discovery

The discovery phase is an essential phase in the development life cycle. The detail and the extent of correctness of the requirements captured has a large role to play in defining overall system architecture and project success.

2 - Project planning & Concept Development

The concept development & project planning phase is arguably one of the the most important phases, because what’s decided and mapped-out here sets the stage for the entire project. 

3 - Creative Design

Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, it’s time to determine the look and feel of the project. Our creative team, work closely with you in this phase, exchanging ideas creating one or more prototype designs until we arrive at the final unique design.

4 - Development

So only now do our developers roll-up their sleeves and actually start coding.   This significantly reduce the usage of our software engineers, and with that the cost to develop the project!

5 - Testing

Our QA specialists implement a proven strategy in order to achieve the intended quality standards and control.

6 - Deployment and Maintenance

Your mobile app is going live! We are making last checks, finalise project documentation and make sure your product is deployed properly and ready for action.

Download non-disclosure agreement

Feel free to download and complete our NDA (non-disclosure agreeement), we will promptly sign and return it so you can rest assured your ideas and our conversations remain in the strictest of confidence.

Code principles & techy stuff.

We write clean and maintainable code! Our software team is always up to date with the latest technologies, and practices.

We combine high-quality design with advanced digital technology and best practice methodology for programming.

In order to provide user-centred functions, we create systems that are scalable, stability and extensible. We believe usability and functionality are just as important as esthetics. It’s not enough for our work to simply look good, it has to be outstanding!

Code Quality

We have standardised naming and coding standards, we follow industry best practices with regards to code review sessions, code sniffing to determine code coverage, cyclomatic complexity and code duplication.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Each check-in is verified by an automated build in order to detect problems early.

Software Development Methodology

Well documented collection of policies, process and procedures following best practices.

Test - Driven Development

The process is test driven using the appropriate test tool based on the technology stack.

Software Development Life Cycle

Own conceptual model used in project management that describes the phases in the project development, from an initial discovery through maintenance of the completed application.

Software Development Tools

Using well known tools for reliable communication with our customers and tasks verification and easy ongoing maintenance.

Software Languages

We are proficient in most popular mobile app programming languages, technologies and principles, including the Android SDK, Objective C, React and Java and Java Script Frameworks in addition to .NET, C and C#.


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