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QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business (+ Tips for Using Them in 2019)

QR, or Quick Response codes have been around for a while. They were first introduced in the automotive industry in ...
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What Will 2019 Have in Store for Mobile App Development

2018 has been a very turbulent year regarding mobile app development. There have been many breakthroughs, new trends and creative ...
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How Loyalty Apps Have Changed The Business Game

Most of the serious companies on the market work hard not only to retain their current customers, but attract fresh ...
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Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy?

Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy? If you are involved in the restaurant / non-prepacked food industry, ...
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Deliveroo commercial on bus

Going Offline – Deliveroo Opens Its First Physical Store

The expansion of all things digital and their penetration into virtually every pore of our lives is more or less ...
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Personal trainer with young sports girl sitting on floor and having conversation after exercise using mobile phone

Why Personal Trainers Should Use a Mobile App as a Marketing Tool

Working as a personal trainer is one of the most fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding jobs you can have. Personal trainers ...
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How Can Your Coffee Shop Stand out in a Digital World

Owning a physical coffee shop in the ever-changing digital world and offering great service and products isn't enough anymore. Customers ...
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4 Important Things to Look for When Hiring а Mobile App Development Company

Developing a mobile app that will make your business even more successful depends on a few important factors. Many people ...
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working on mobile apps

How to Make the Most Out of a Mobile App

While there is an increasing number of businesses embracing a mobile app as a marketing tool, the number of doing ...
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