Mobile app development for brand awareness

How a Mobile App for Your Business Will Increase Brand Awareness

It's a dog-eat-dog out there in the small-business world. Countless businesses are competing to get customers' attention. Everyone tries to ...
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QUIZ: How Much do You Actually Know About Mobile Apps?

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge on mobile apps! Are you a rookie or a prodigy? Answer these ...
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mobile apps

Brief History of Mobile Apps: In the Beginning, There was Snake

Just as all living things, technology evolves. It changes and upgrades to better suit our needs, and the development of ...
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10 facts

10 Facts About Mobile Apps That You Probably Didn’t Know

Mobile apps are slowly taking over the world and it's no surprise - they offer convenience, diversity and functionality. Check ...
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people in pub

Order-And-Pay Apps are Changing the Pub Experience

What are order-and-pay apps? Basically, they provide an alternative for those long queues at the pub. You just need a ...
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mobile app holding phone

How to Connect Better with your Customers?

The marketing landscape is ever-changing. Now even more so because of technology. But that's not a bad thing. Technology actually ...
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man with vr set

5 Mobile App Trends that Will Dominate the Future

Mobile apps have become a portal to a new world of marketing that we are yet to explore and use ...
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laptop and coffee

The Power of Progressive Web Apps

Native apps vs Progressive web apps Progressive web apps are the future. They lose the friction of loading, searching, downloading ...
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hands holding smartphones

The Powerful Marketing Tool that Everyone has in their Pocket

Have you ever heard of B.J. Fogg? He is a pioneer in the field of "captology", better known as the ...
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