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Is Digital Access to Government Services The End of Bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is a word that makes most people furious. Hours spent in queues only to realise you're a document short from completing the procedure, then doing it all over again the next day. You feel like Sisyphus, but you're lost in a labyrinth of paperwork instead of...

Going Paperless and More Productive with Mobile Forms

Converting to digital is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity in order to stay competitive. Now it's done for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious ones are to increase productivity and to lower operational costs. Digitalisation is part of the business processes...

What Will 2019 Have in Store for Mobile App Development

2018 has been a very turbulent year regarding mobile app development. There have been many breakthroughs, new trends and creative ideas, and the upcoming 2019 looks like a very promising year for this field. At the very top of our list is AI, or artificial...

How Loyalty Apps Have Changed The Business Game

Most of the serious companies on the market work hard not only to retain their current customers, but attract fresh business. The digital era has given us many options how to achieve this, mobile apps being one of them. Loyalty apps have become an integral part of a...

Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy?

Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy? If you are involved in the restaurant / non-prepacked food industry, you should already know the importance of having a Food Allergens policy and strategy. In the UK the Foods Standards Agency provides...

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