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How Loyalty Apps Have Changed The Business Game

Most of the serious companies on the market work hard not only to retain their current customers, but attract fresh business. The digital era has given us many options how to achieve this, mobile apps being one of them. Loyalty apps have become an integral part of a...

Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy?

Does Your Restaurant Have an Online Food Allergens Policy? If you are involved in the restaurant / non-prepacked food industry, you should already know the importance of having a Food Allergens policy and strategy. In the UK the Foods Standards Agency provides...

Going Offline – Deliveroo Opens Its First Physical Store

The expansion of all things digital and their penetration into virtually every pore of our lives is more or less clear and obvious to everyone, but every now and then, something happens that reminds us that there is still a world outside of the Internet and that...

Why Personal Trainers Should Use a Mobile App as a Marketing Tool

Working as a personal trainer is one of the most fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding jobs you can have. Personal trainers get to shape people's bodies and help them lead a healthier lifestyle, which makes it a very grateful job, but at same time a very demanding one. It...

How Can Your Coffee Shop Stand out in a Digital World

Owning a physical coffee shop in the ever-changing digital world and offering great service and products isn't enough anymore. Customers want to be able to reach you through their smartphones. Those tiny screens have become an extension of ourselves, almost like an...

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