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Browse through some of our most popular mobile app design features

We’ve built feature-rich apps for a wide variety of business types, including apps for restaurants and nightclubs, insurance companies and accountants. Almost any business can benefit from a well-built mobile app and we love developing apps that transform the way a business runs. 

Our feature library is filled with just a few examples of the sort of app functionality we can incorporate into your new mobile app. If there’s something missing that you need, or if you’re not sure how an app could help you do business, get in touch!

Our most popular mobile app features

Ordering Systems

It’s no secret that a poor or slow ordering system can turn away customers quickly. Our ordering system feature can give your customers a quick and easy way of purchasing your products from their mobile device. Ideal for takeaways and restaurants looking to streamline their deliveries.

Our ordering system feature can include:

  • One-touch reordering
  • The ability to specify business information, including opening times, delivery, and prices
  • Automatic invoice printing after receiving an order
  • Easy implementation with Apple pay, Android pay, or Pay pal


Reviewing orders in the administration area – Click image to enlarge.


Booking & Reservation

Our booking and reservation feature puts the power to book and reserve tables in the hands of your customers. They’ll be able to look at your available times and make a reservation 24/7, all without having to call through to your busy staff. Perfect for busy restaurants, beauty salons, or public events.

Our booking and reservation feature includes:

  • Booking fee functionality
  • A booking calendar allowing you and your customers to see the times available
  • Notifications to your phone or email when a booking has been made
  • Integration with Groupon, MindBody, Frontdesk or BookStream

Loyalty Program

Providing an incentive is a good way to keep your customers loyal. We can build loyalty rewards into your app, giving your customers a reason to keep coming back. This functionality is incredibly useful for retail stores and cafés.

Our loyalty feature can include:

  • Virtual loyalty cards for when your customer buys from you
  • Coupons or vouchers if your customers subscribe to your newsletter
  • GPS coupons for those who go to your store at a certain time
  • QR coupons and scanners to give your customers website links, discounts, or a phone number



Increase foot-fall by including GPS check-ins to your events or business locations.

Post activity onto Social Media directly from the app.

Popular uses:  Retail, Event Management


QR Coupons & Scanner

Quick Response (QR) codes allows users to capture information quickly by scanning the code from their phone.

This feature can be used to unlock a promotional offer, link to a web site, dial a telephone number or even store a business card!

Popular uses: Fundraising, Conferences, Nightclubs, Retail, Event Management, Restaurants & Takeaways


Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to connect with your customers to provide promotions, notify them of new services or products, and keep them up to date with your business’s most important news. Why not offer a coupon code for users who walk past one of your stores, or a PDF menu to those who have walked near your restaurant around lunchtime?

The push notification feature means you can:

  • Send as many messages to your customers as you need
  • Schedule updates to automatically send messages during certain times
  • Target specific user groups using a variety of different devices, social media sites, or other demographics
  • Send notifications to users who visit a certain area


Setting up push notification area in the administration area – Click image to enlarge.


Smart Surveys and Forms

Our smart surveys gather your customers’ feedback to help you improve your stores. How about sending them a push notification when they leave your store to thank them for the purchase and see what they felt about their visit? Our smart forms can also be used to offer useful functionality such as price calculators, support questions or contact information.

  • Collect your customer’s feedback
  • Allow your customers to make orders easily
  • Can be used as a way to log enquiries or reports


find us
Find Us

Got a store in a difficult location? The Find Us feature gives your customers directions at the touch of a button, helping them find your location quickly. It also provides other useful information such as opening times, a contact number, email address and more.

  • Helps your customers find you
  • Gives them clear contact details
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions by integrating with mobile GPS
  • Can also give information about the local area throughout the journey


email photo
Email Photos

Allow your customers to take a photo and send it directly to you! This feature is ideal for businesses with a large social media following. Your customers send in photos of your location or products and it gives you free content to post and advertise with.

  • Ideal for nightclubs, spas, and venues where people share images
  • Acts as free advertising for your products
  • Great for insurance companies or support teams that need photo evidence


rss feed
RSS Feeds

RSS feeds give your users a steady stream of useful and relevant information as and when it comes in. It’s perfect for news websites and magazines, or for those who want to keep their users as updated as they are!

  • Sends relevant information directly to your app users
  • Perfect for sending news to users as it happens


Music, podcasts and video

For bands looking to promote their music, or for recording studios looking to advertise their services, our music and video features are exactly what’s needed. Radio hosts might also want to implement podcast features into the app, keeping listeners up to date with new shows as they come out.

  • Implements flawlessly with music distribution channels
  • Can work with video sites like Youtube and Dailymotion
  • Set up a streaming channel for regular shows

pdf files
PDF Files

Providing PDF files to your customers when they need certain information can transform the way you do business. For example, a museum might want to save money on paper guides, preferring instead to give downloadable files to visitors instead, whereas a restaurant might provide a PDF menu to those who scan a QR code.

  • Provides customers with clear information in a downloadable format
  • Ideal for those who hand out regularly updated documents
  • Great for education centres looking to digitise their resources


video/audio recording
Voice Audio Recording

Need to take voice recordings during a meeting? Want to send voice recordings to your website for interested visitors to listen to? Our voice audio recording features allow you to make small recordings and send them to the places you want. Perfect for journalists, reporters, or just for those who want to keep notes!

  • Implement and send recordings to emails or websites
  • Works with our RSS feed functionality to send your recordings to customers
  • Saves your audio file in a variety of formats

Need an app that can do something unique? Our talented developers can build it.

Get in touch with us to discuss it on 01243 888 108