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What is the Future of Mobile Business App Development Companies?

Want to find out what an app development company that specialises in business app building could look like in a few years’ time? Our expert app designers discuss where the industry is going.

The app development industry is changing.

This isn’t particularly surprising news. A member of the fairly new digital technology movement, the app development sector is in a constant state of evolution. Apps are always changing, developing alongside new advances in technology and innovations from app builders.

But what will app development companies be like in the near future? How do these changes affect app builders that work exclusively with small businesses, like us here at Apps4U?

Current shifts in technology and market trends only spell good news for business apps. Discover exactly how the development of app building companies will impact your business.

App Development Companies Will Become More Prolific

Right now, we would bet you could only list a handful of app development companies. After big names like Zynga and King, the rest aren’t really well established enough to be household names.

But that’s where things change.

The app development industry is expanding — and expanding rapidly. By 2020, the industry will be worth a staggering $189 billion, up 270% from 2015. With so much money will come even bigger apps, even bigger names and a rise in public interest.

The app industry is set to become more like the film or video game production industry, with app development companies taking on the notoriety of production studios. This means that we’ll also be seeing more development companies cropping up, making it more important than ever to know exactly which team you should use.

At Apps4U, we pride ourselves on providing businesses with high-quality, low-cost apps. Don’t let the growth of the app development market leave your business in the hands of an inexperienced team. Get in touch with us today!

With more app building agencies around, specialists in specific industries (such as accounting) and features/functionality becoming more widely accessible to businesses, every business owner in the UK will soon be able to make their dream business app a reality.

App Development Companies Will Provide Greater Value to Small Businesses

Currently, small businesses are lagging behind in the app development game. Only 42% of SMEs have an app, which means the majority of companies are without a place on the app stores of the world.

But, yet again, this is changing.

Small businesses are starting to wise up to the power of building a mobile app. By the beginning of 2018, over 70% are expected to have developed their own business app, with the number continuing to rise going into 2019 and beyond. For app development companies, this means an increased focus on building apps for small businesses.

In the near future, app development agencies will be one of the most valuable third-party partners a small business has, building and supporting their app. With apps becoming such an important part of many SME’s business models, the relationships between businesses and app development companies will become stronger, allowing developers to provide greater value to their customers.

With such big changes ahead, it’s important to find the right app development company; one that specialises in business apps, ensuring the best value for money and appropriate levels of expertise.

App Builders Must Change Tact As They Face the Death of Modern Apps

Apps are facing a huge upheaval.

The native app is on the way out, likely to be replaced by something known as Progressive Web Apps. A Progressive Web App — or PWA — functions like your traditional app, yet instead of being downloaded from a mobile app store, it is accessed simply by clicking on a URL, like a link or a search result in Google.

The app works by streaming content to the phone instead of downloading the entire piece of software. What this means for web users is a more natural and flowing experience, complete with notifications, a faster interface and ability to operate in areas of poor signal.

The app essentially becomes more like a mobile website, easy to navigate and search for, while also providing greater levels of functionality.

For app development companies, it means coming to grips with a new form of technology and adapting to the needs of businesses and consumers alike. If you’re developing a mobile app or looking to do so in the near future, be sure to discuss the future of mobile app technology with your developer.

Working with mobile app development companies that aren’t preparing for the rise of web apps could leave you stranded in the future, unable to adapt to the changing times.

A mobile app development company oblivious or unsure about this kind of technology is not going to be of much use a to business looking to stay ahead of the competition.

At Apps4U, though, we’re always keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends. There is no need to stall development and wait for the Progressive Web App movement to take hold. We can build and publish both standard and PWA formats.

Ready to start creating your app with specialist business app builders from the UK? Apps4U is an experienced app development company. We’re ready to talk to you about your needs and how we can work together to ensure a brighter future for your company.




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