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Going Paperless and More Productive with Mobile Forms

Converting to digital is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity in order to stay competitive. Now it’s done for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious ones are to increase productivity and to lower operational costs.

Digitalisation is part of the business processes and forms are more essential in every business. Even though we live in a digital era, still many businesses are using paper based processes. Businesses aren’t aware that paperwork is at least 30% slower and contain more than 60% errors compared to mobile forms. Using smart mobile forms and going paperless isn’t just an easier, faster and more productive way for remote workers to do get their jobs done. It also enables your business to collect data using mobile devices, and then send the results back to the source, providing back-office and real-time data management.

Mobile and online forms exist to replace paper forms as a more productive means of data collection and business process management.

So how to make that switch from paper to mobile? Easy.

You can create your own digital form which is a complete replica of your paper form. This digital copy becomes an enhanced digital-twin of the paper version, adding business logic, drop-down menus and other tools to ensure “clean” data is captured from the off. You can also ensure that you only ask relevant questions on the form when it’s digitalised. If you have ever had to fill in an paper tax return it can be quite daunting as this 15 pages document has to cover every eventuality. However, since HMRC now captures this online, the digital form guides you through the process and automatically skips unnecessary parts and auto populates other sections for you.

One requirement often overlooked is the ability to capture form data in remote locations. Don’t overlook whether you need to have a solution that not only works online but offline too. The reality for most remote workers is that they will experience occasional internet outages, these scenarios can stop them completing their work. With a solution that can sync the “Jobs” and form data your workforce will always be able to complete their work wherever they are.

Apps4U can provide your business customised digital forms and if you need something more powerful we can embed these forms inside a secure mobile app for your workforce and link thems to your business processes for further operational benfits. These are just some of the possibilities that you can do with digital forms: you can share your created form to your workforce, get reports based on your needs and you can access any form at any time. Not only can you create a better data capture solution but you can also build-in your business processes as capturing the data is usually just the start of a process.

Through mobile forms you can gather and access your collected data from anywhere, at anytime. There are reports for monitoring your business and identifying data trends in real-time. Integrations are also an important part. You can connect your forms and data with your other business systems. You can collaborate and evaluating teamwork with automations and notifications – the possibilities are endless.


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