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“Women Who Changed the World” – the Mobile App that Teaches Children About Feminism

We have talked a lot about the importance mobile apps have in this day and age. They simplify our daily life and activities, but they can also educate. Such an example is the Women Who Changed the World mobile app that teaches children (and adults) about the most important women in history.

Feminism can be a difficult and often controversial subject, as history has shown many times. That’s why mobile apps such as this one are very important, because it gives children a simplified perspective and teaches them about important topics.

The app launched in January and is currently only available for iOS devices, and it offers a smart, meaningful and stunning visuals that keep the children’s attention without boring them. It’s a challenge to make children realise the true values of feminist leaders (and adults as well), but this app is really dedicated to doing exactly that.
There are a lot of women to choose from: artists like Frida Kahlo, civil rights activists like Rosa Parks, scientists like Marie Curie, pilots like Amelia Earhart, biologists, environmental activists, astronauts – you name it. Women from many different backgrounds are being presented in the app, which is amazing.

There are no in-app purchases and ads within the app, which is nice from a user stand point, but the app itself costs $2.99 to download.
So, if you want to learn more about the great women throughout history, give this app a go and educate your children in a fun and interactive way.


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