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5 Mobile App Trends that Will Dominate the Future

Mobile apps have become a portal to a new world of marketing that we are yet to explore and use. Mobile is the future, but it’s very important to keep up with the trends to stay relevant.

This year, we’ve seen a few mobile app trends that pave the way to the future, and if your business wants to thrive in the already saturated market, then you better keep up.

This industry is on the rise, but it’s far from reaching its true potential. Apps are evolving, and so are the trends they dictate.

Some of these mobile app trends are already on the market and we use them on a large scale, and some of them are still in the development process, but are bound to be implemented in the near future.

Mobile payment

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We already make daily payments via our smartphones. Cash? What was that? Many businesses offer a mobile payment option for their customers.


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We talked about this trend in this blog post. The advantage of progressive web apps is being able to work offline and sending push notifications to appear on your device like a native app would. This currently is working on Android phones and Apple is working to make this possible for their products. Another great feature is that they can be updated directly without having to submit on several app stores.

Wearable apps

mobile apps smart watchThey are fashionable, helpful and they create an opportunity for new kinds of wearable apps that would be an upgrade of the current functionalities (making calls, streaming music, sending messages).

Internet of Things

mobile app smart homeA while back, this concept had only appeared in TV series and movies (Black Mirror is the first that comes to mind, but there are plenty). Now, IoT is a thing – smart houses, buildings, apps that monitor your home appliances and much more.


Any gamer would tell you that VR gaming apps offer a next level experience, and experts predict that by the year 2020, this kind of apps will generate revenue of £115 billion.


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