Complete online ordering & delivery system for takeaways & restaurants.

We provide solutions for takeaways, restaurants, pubs and other food outlets.


Online food ordering solutions:

  • QR code & Table Ordering.
  • Mobile Apps – Web, Apple & Android.
  • Restaurant Table Bookings.
  • Secure Online Payments.
  • Vouchers & Promotions.
  • Food Delivery
  • Management.
  • COVID Secure options.


  • NEW: Time Slot ordering feature
Limit your order intake to a certain number of orders in a time slot.
  • NEW: QR Code Table ordering
Provide your customer a simple and quick table ordering system

Multi-site centralised features:

  • Menu management
  • Brand Management
  • Enhanced cost benefits
  • Single Mobile App for all outlets.
  • Easy duplication and rollout for multi-site and Franchise Operators.

Trusted UK Provider:

No commission

Pay-As-You-Go pricing model

5 Star Google Rated Customer Feedback

UK Support


Website & Domain - £9+vat per month

If your business needs a new website, we can provide you a website that is always up to date with your opening hours.  We’ll include a free domain for the site or connect to your existing one, whichever you prefer.  The website is optimised for mobile so works perfectly on all devices.

Online Payments £29+vat per month

If you want to accept online orders via debit and credit cards (and other online payment methods), this option will allow you to do that for a fix fee of £29+vat a month.  You will need to have an online merchant account and we recommend Stripe for this.

No hidden costs:

A online payment merchant such as Stripe will charge you, 1.4% and 20p for a UK card transaction.  For example, for a customer’s order of £20 they will charge you 48p leaving you £19.52.  Most of our client’s charge their customer’s a 50p “convenience” fee for ordering to offset this cost.  If you provide delivery, you can also charge additional charges for different delivery zones too.  Stripe will clear your payments within 7 days.

Dedicated Mobile App £59+vat per month

If you want your own branded Apple and Android app in the app stores this option is for you.
A dedicated, custom branded mobile app will be published into the Apple and Android stores, your customers will be able to download the app and access all your takeaways and restaurants menu and order in app, all from the one place.
Drive out the competition with your own branded mobile app and keep more of your profits.

Customers choosing this option will be required to subscribe to Apple and Google app development programs. Apple charge $90 per year and Google charge a one-off fee of $25.


See our solutions in action…

We have solutions for every requirement and every budget. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for a very bespoke solution, we have the right solution for you.

This video highlights a solution we delivered for a client in Hull who rolled-out the solution to all of their food brands with seven takeaways. Hear more from owner, Ollie Johnson and why he partnered with Apps4U.

Why did you choose Apps4U?

“Apps4U have been great, they made it very simple, delivering an all-in-one solution with the printers and tablets for each shop, they even sent us posters to help us launch. I can thoroughly recommend Apps4U. Amazing app design and functionality, and ongoing support. The guys have been #DOPE! That’s the only word for it!”

What benefits did Dope Eats see?

“We got off to a great start with the new app with over 1,000+ downloads on the first day it launched and we’re growing constantly. With no commission for us to pay on orders, it makes great business sense to have your own dedicated app.”

What would you recommend to fellow small business owners?

“If your business doesn’t have it’s own app yet, you’re missing a trick, build your brand and your business on your own terms. I’ve always been independent and I love the freedom of doing things my way. Our online sales are increasing constantly and if you don’t want a slice of the growing online market your competitors, like me, will be happy to take it off you!“

Apps for takeaways 50% off

What is your favourite functionality of the app?

“Having your own app lets you set the pricing, the promotions and best of all it’s commission free, this isn’t the same with the leading food ordering platforms out there.“


No credit card or payment details required.