Wondering What the “Mobile-First Indexing Enabled” Email from Google Means?

First, let’s start with the basics. What is mobile-first indexing?

Simply put, that means that from now on, Google will mostly use the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexing.

It has never been more important to go mobile in the digital world and make sure your content reaches the right audience via their smartphone screens. The desktop slowly becomes a thing of the past, and there has been a steady increase in mobile users in the past decade – a trend that will continue on. That’s why Google rolled out the mobile-first indexing.

Did you know:

mobile-first indexing google
Business has gone mobile!

Some sectors even reach 72% of mobile users;

Approximately 1.5 billion people use their smartphone to browse the web;

The total number of mobile app downloads last year was 197 billion.



Sure, responsive web-sites offer a wholesome experience, but a mobile app for your business takes you one step further. It enables you to reach a fast-moving clientele that does everything on the go. That means you have to think fast and act fast and be precise about what you have to offer.

Having a completely customised mobile app means that your brand message will get reinforced. It will also become more visible and accessible. Your sales will be significantly higher.
Let’s not forget the customers – they are the most important part after all.

Your customers will have a much easier means of getting (and more importantly staying) in touch with your business, no matter the services or products you offer. That way your brand awareness will rise and at the same time you will cultivate customer loyalty and engagement. This will help to make your brand one that users want to be a part of.

If you are a small business owner with a good vision about the future of your brand, then make sure you convey that message in the best way possible. Use a clean and simple mobile app that will have those customers flocking to your service or product! That way your customer family will grow and your brand will thrive and be different from all the other brands out there. You just need to take that extra step.


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