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QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business (+ Tips for Using Them in 2019)

QR, or Quick Response codes have been around for a while. They were first introduced in the automotive industry in Japan, but since then they found a place in almost every kind of industry. It is no surprise – they offer fast readability and greater storage capacity in comparison to the standard barcodes. But their application is much greater, and it can actually be hugely beneficial for your business.

Nowadays, we see QR codes everywhere – they are the bridge between the physical world and the digital one. Because they can store more data than regular barcodes, they are used to open anything that has a URL  – thus bettering the sales funnel by cutting the time you need to open a landing page, for example. These are some of the most common uses for QR codes:

·         Events – save the date to your calendar just by scanning it;

·         Business Cards – using QR codes on your business card will boost your visibility and give your clients a chance to look you up on the spot. This application can also be useful for active job seekers – just link the QR code to your online resume;

·         Boost your social media audience – As an example, if a user liked your product or service, they can follow your social media accounts to for more updates. You can even offer discounts or promotions if they follow your social media accounts via a QR code;

·         Landing pages to offers – this is a great way for marketers retain future prospects – they can visit your website just by scanning the code – it’s instant, it saves time and it’s practical.

QR Codes in 2019

There has been an increased demand for dynamic QR codes as opposed to the static ones, simply because in some cases they are more convenient to use. They are generated only once, but the data they contain can be edited, and offer better insights and analytics (how many times they were scanned, what device are being used etc.)

Given their practicality, QR codes can easily be implemented in any business’ marketing strategy. You can easily brand them with your company logo, and your customers will be able to reach you in an instance.

Experts predict that the use of QR codes will increase in the future, with Amazon beginning to use them for their Amazon Go stores, and the other tech giants are experimenting with them as well. They’ll establish themselves as the most convenient option for ticket purchasing,  (concerts, transportation) – the possibilities are almost endless.


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