Mobile Apps for Solicitors

Providing your clients with a mobile app is the most effective way to provide them everything in the palm of their hand whenever and wherever they need it.

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When someone needs the help of a solicitor, it’s often because they need legal advice on a situation they may not fully understand and they’re looking for trusted guidance and support. It’s no secret that these situations can be very stressful, so being there for them at that very moment can differentiate your business in a crowded market and make your practice the default “go-to” for all their legal support.

Be there for your clients when they need you. An App is a very effective way to provide your clients everything in the palm of their hand whenever and wherever they need you.   

At Apps4U, we specialise in creating mobile apps tailored to your business, that add true value to your clients, stitching together your social media and marketing strategy and keeping you ahead of the crowd.


How much does it cost?

We have built-up a diverse library of mobile app features that can be plugged  into your app at fraction of the cost of traditional software development.  Below we highlight a few key features you may want to consider but many others can be easily added.  We charge an initial design and app publishing fee, dependent on your requirements but after that, this powerful marketing solution is supported, updated and maintained for a fixed price monthly subscription.  Furthermore there is no upfront contract, just pay-as-you-go monthly subscription.

If you would like a fixed price quotation please complete the enquiry form, outlining any additional features you looking to include or call us for a consultation and we can build you a sample app to review.

What is included in the price?

We will design and publish a suite of mobile apps into the app stores (typically within 30 days):

  • Apple (IOS) – App Store
  • Android – Google Play
  • Web App for Windows mobile and other devices.
  • Fully branded mobile app design, unique to your business.
  • Full feature-set to meet your business requirements.
  • Unlimited push notifications to message individuals and groups.
  • Unlimited transactions, bookings, orders, merchandising.
  • 0% commission on transactions (only online bank processing fees will apply, which you pay the merchant directly – not through us).
  • CMS (Content Management System) to maintain and and update the app – we can also do this for you.
  • Reviews Module – Ability to grow your online business reviews and improve your online search page results.
  • Support and Guidance through the publishing phase and thereafter.
  • Integration into your Social Media platforms.
  • Integration into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and contact management software.
  • Launch Material
    • Poster Designs for your customers & staff.
    • Custom “smart” QR code to promote your app



Consultation forms

The Forms feature allows you to collect enquires, open new cases and encourages your clients to engage and ask questions.


Allow your clients to open a new case or enquiry.  Clients can book an appointment with you to discuss their needs.

Voice Recorder

Clients can record audio statements and conversations then forward these directly onto you directly for inclusion in the case.

Photo evidence

Clients can easily upload photographic evidence, signed and scanned documents such as identification, directly to your business.


Push notifications

This is one of the most powerful features of any app.  Keep your clients engaged and aware of important dates, changes in law and legislation and promote your business services.


Our solution is integrated into the most popular Social Media platform such as,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google this helps stitch together your social media and marketing strategy into a coherent plan.

Grow Online Reviews 

Use our app marketing platform and Review module to manage and grow your online customer reviews.  Ranking well with Google and other noteworthy review platforms has a significant positive impact on your business’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) results!  

1. Turn each client into an advocate for your practice.

There is nothing more powerful than a recommendation.  Potential new clients rely heavily on business reviews with 88% of users trust online reviews and use them when deciding on what business to use.

Harness the power of your existing clients to further grow your business.

2. Increase you online review volume & ratings.

Build your online reputation by driving new positive reviews. Our Reviews module proactively promotes and manages your online reviews, building your businesses online reputation. 

3. Improved search results = More clients.

Climb-up the search results by sending highly satisfied customers to review your business on sites like Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Better search results equate to more internet search results which ultimately result in more clients! 


Measure, Manage & Grow

Our dashboards allow you to measure your results, manage your customers and their interactions and grow your business.

Measure your results

Capture important user demographic information and gain valuable insight into your customer base.

Track app usage and engagement metrics such as downloads by device type, app sessions, and average time in app.  

Identify popular app features and customer usage trends all in real-time.  

Manage your clients and interactions

Message (Push Notification) your clients individual or collectively through the app.  Grab their attention with useful news updates, briefing notes,  dates for their diaries and other useful updates.

Manage users into Groups, manage appointments and requests for information.

Manage the app content at any time and make updates dynamically and easily with the intuitive platform and CMS (Content Management System). 

Grow your business

Promote your business:

  • Send unlimited in-app messages, direct to the user’s phones, these are similar to SMS but without the cost!
  • Add your own in-app adverts, highlighting new services and other items of interest.

Grow your businesses on-line reviews and generate better search engine rankings.

Accept client meeting requests and capture new opportunities.

Improve social media client engagement and build an improved online business presence. 

Call us now to discuss your requirements.


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