Workforce Apps

Convert and complete your paper-based forms in our all-in-one custom

workforce mobile app and task management platform.



Workforce Apps

These process & data-driven apps are often used to replace paper-based fieldwork activities.  With our worker-facing apps, you can dispatch ” Jobs” to your workforce and collect data real-time.  Allow workers to access crucial job and business related information, even when they are unable to access the internet!

Health and Safety, Corporate Governance, Company Policy rollout, and other communications can also be managed centrally and accessed even by the most remote of workers.

Maximize utilisation of your workforce, improve customer satisfaction and drive process improvement within your business.  An All-in-one business application platform for your business to better manage and measure it’s remote worker activities.


How much does it cost?

We have built-up a diverse library of mobile app features that can be plugged  into your app at fraction of the cost of traditional software development.  Below we highlight a few key features you may want to consider but many others can be easily added.  We charge an initial design and app publishing fee, dependent on your requirements but after that, this powerful solution is supported, updated and maintained for a fixed price monthly subscription.  

If you would like a fixed price quotation please complete the enquiry form, outlining any additional features you looking to include or call us for a consultation and we can build you a sample app to your exact requirements

What we included?

Your business forms, data, documents and processes are digitalised into a powerful mobile workforce solution.

  • Powerful online management portal so you can manage your resources, tasks and jobs and content.
  • Document Creation – Create any document such as reports, certificates, quotes and invoices and any other customer (mailmerged) documents you require.
  • Apple (IOS) – App Store, both phone and tablet apps are available.
  • Android – Google Play, both phone and tablet apps are available.
  • Web App for Windows mobile and other devices.
  • Fully branded mobile app design, unique to your business.
  • Full feature-set to meet your business requirements.
  • Unlimited push notifications to message individuals and groups.
  • Unlimited jobs and transactions.
  • Full back-off platform for job scheduling, management and live statistics and job info.
  • Launch Material – Poster Designs for your customers & staff.
  • Support and Guidance We are here to advise, support and guide you whenever you need our assistance.




Capture and attach notes, photos, video and audio recordings.  Annotate photographs, plans and diagrams.  Scan barcodes and capture signatures, near-field communications (NFC).


We can connect your apps to your existing business data and forms.  Business documents, spreadsheets and databases can all be accessed directly by your remote worker’s app, wherever they might be.


 Manage all remote workers tasks and send instructions, maps, calendars, documents directly to their devices.  Dynamically change plans and schedules with live sync straight to their devices.

Future proof

Our solution provides a robust future-proof platform that can adapt and grow inline with your business requirements.  Changes can be made made easily, instantly and rolled-out globally in minutes.


Users can automatically receive updates and change notifications to their daily work schedules.  Other messages can be sent via our API (Application Program Interface) and management tools.


Rest API

Our Rest API makes it easy for us to integrate our solutions into just about anything and opens-up endless possibilities.  Whatever you need we can add it and at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.


Capture, Measure & Manage

If your workforce are still using paper-based forms or can only submit their records on a computer at a later date, at best, it means your data is arriving on the late side, but it’s also probably incomplete and sometimes never arrives !  – sound familiair?


Workers find the app easy and quick to use.  Everything is captured while it is still fresh in their minds, on a device they are already familiar with.  Forms can no longer be mislaid and information can now flow through the organisation.


Measuring data is easier when it is:

  1. On-time and relevant,
  2. Consistent in it’s format and
  3. Synchronised and integrated with your other key business data. 

We capture eveything so you can make informed decisions and improve business outcomes.


Provide your resource management team all the tools and information they require at the time they need it so they can efficiently manage your worker activity efficiently.






Audits & Inspections

Use location based information to confirm the worker’s site attendance.  Collect data,  photographs and issue audit certificates and inspection reports.

Time Sheets

Capture multiple timesheets with dates and times, location, notes and signatures of workers and supervisors.


Complete inventory checks and sychronise data back to the business systems for live stock level annalysis. 


Health and Safety, technical and accident related incidents, injuries, gas and other hazardous leaks can all be immediately captured and handled according to your business policies. 


Consistantly perform the same process, the same way, every time regardless who is doing it.  Provide workers guidance notes and other supporting information.


Remote sales teams can access, customer records, order history and stock levels.  Capture customer signatures on orders, evaluations, trials and other documents on the go.

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