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Why Personal Trainers Should Use a Mobile App as a Marketing Tool

Working as a personal trainer is one of the most fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding jobs you can have. Personal trainers get to shape people’s bodies and help them lead a healthier lifestyle, which makes it a very grateful job, but at same time a very demanding one. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare fitness programs and diet plans for clients, track their performance and progress and adjust their programs accordingly, which leaves little time and energy to focus on growing the business. And like any other business, personal fitness trainers need to invest energy and resources into further popularizing their brand and increase their client list and revenues. To that end, some sort of marketing tool can obviously come in very handy, and while there are plenty of options at their disposal, a mobile app is one of the most suitable tools for personal fitness trainers, considering their practicality, versatility and affordability.

Affordable and Quick Solution

Among the many advantages that mobile apps have over other marketing tools, the fact that having one developed can be very affordable and fast is probably one of the most appealing ones. Developing an app doesn’t have to be a huge investment that would drain all your savings and take up much of your time that you could otherwise use to focus on customer care, as there are plenty of reasonably-priced options that provide fast and convenient solutions.

You can order a mobile app that would be custom made to suit your preferences and business needs, and would be ready to use in no time, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much time on coordinating with developers or testing several versions before it can be launched, which are among the leading concerns coming to mind to everyone thinking about having an app developed for their business.

Appointment Schedules, Instant Access to Client Information, and Much More

There is more than one way that mobile apps can help personal trainers in their search for more clients. First and foremost, an app can help you improve your relationship with your current customers, which is almost certain to result in new customers, considering how important word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is for acquiring new business.

Specifically, your clients can use your app to look into your time slot list and choose one of the available slots to schedule a training directly with a push of a button, without having to call you and waste theirs and your time. What’s more, you can upload videos, images, workout plans, blog posts and other content onto your app, providing your clients with valuable information and tips on a regular basis, which would further strengthen your relationship and increase customer loyalty.

Additionally, you can include features like customer reviews, getting instant feedback from your clients, giving you the right information necessary for improving your services, and making them feel that their voices are heard and their suggestions taken into consideration.

All things considered, adding a mobile app to your marketing and promotional efforts can really take your personal trainer business to the next step, by improving your relationship with your current customers, which will in turn lead to many more referrals and recommendations and ultimately increase your client base.


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