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App Developer Costs vs Profit: Which Features Bring the Best Returns?

Here’s a burning question from many of our app development customers: which app features offer the better opportunities for return? In this blog, we look at some of the top in-app functions for making money!

To hire an app developer costs money. To build an app costs money. But the old saying has never been so true: you have to spend money to make money. When it comes to mobile app development, however, smart choices can mean you maximise profitability and offset more of that initial cost quicker.

While app development should always be a cost-effective solution that recuperates profits and then some, there are some features that are known to be more profitable than others. Inclusions of these pieces of built-in software, some taking advantage of native mobile functionality, can be hugely beneficial and help allay fears you may have about app developer costs.

So what features are available for apps which offer a maximum reward to help pay off your upfront investment?

eCommerce Payment

As a sales platform, the mobile app is leagues ahead of its cousin: the humble website.

People are known to prefer apps. They are easier to use, more accessible and very convenient. As a result, conversions are high on mobile apps. Some businesses have seen up to 300% more goal completions via their app than their mobile website, with most seeing at least a 100% improvement in conversion rates. Introducing an eCommerce payment system to your business through a mobile app is a powerful tool for enhancing profitability.

When there is evidence to back up such strong claims of improved sales, it’s tough to worry about app developer costs with so much profit to be made.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are perhaps the most valuable mobile marketing tool any business can get their hands on. Using native app functionality, a push notification works like a text message. Your app sends a message to a user’s phone which comes up as a notification on their home screen.

Essentially, you can directly — and instantly — message your customers. So what should you say to them? How about the fact that you’ve got a sale on, that there is a new discount code, or you’re just about to launch an exclusive new product?

Push notifications do two things:

Conversions from push notifications have been found to be three times higher than from other digital marketing channels, such as emails or ads. But is that really surprising?

When you can instantly inform your consumers of a change or promotion, in a way they can’t easily ignore or miss, you know you are onto a winner.

Order Forms/Reservation Forms

The digital world is all about convenience. People using the web are impatient. They want instant results and they don’t want to invest a second more than they have to when finding a product or service. This means that making reservations and orders the old-fashioned way is out the window.

If a user has to pick between booking a spa appointment with you on the phone or doing it through an app with your competitor, you are at a major disadvantage. Apps allow you to include orders and reservation features which are not only convenient for users but also great tools for you to track appointments and/or sales.

The inclusion of a booking/reservation form in your app gives users that convenience they are looking for, which means they are more likely to consume your products or services.

Loyalty Programs

There are so many reasons to consider adopting a loyalty program for your business. It’s been proven to boost growth, enhance consumer satisfaction, bring in new patrons and, as a result, makes your business more profitable.

Apps offer the perfect platform for a loyalty platform. Easy to use and track, impossible to lose or forget, they ensure customers get the most out of your business. They also encourage patrons to actually download and use your app, allowing you to reap the other profitability benefits mentioned on this list.

When weighing up app developer costs vs the rewards of development, loyalty features always come out on top.

A Final Word on App Developer Costs

The cost of app development can be daunting, especially for small businesses. However, as we move forward and the technology behind apps evolves, more and more SMEs are starting to develop their own apps. This means those left behind will really struggle.

There are opportunities available, however, to keep app developer costs down and make that initial investment a lot less intimidating. You can start by thinking about the above features and the benefits of including them. You should also consider which app development company you use.

At Apps4U, we pride ourselves on being the app development company made specifically to help small businesses. Our prices aren’t like those big-name brands. We can offer you affordable app building, while still producing a professional and valuable product.


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