How Loyalty Apps Have Changed The Business Game

Most of the serious companies on the market work hard not only to retain their current customers, but attract fresh business. The digital era has given us many options how to achieve this, mobile apps being one of them.

Loyalty apps have become an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy, and they are linked to brand strategies as well as development.

Mobile apps are a very versatile means of bringing your business closer to the customers, mostly due to the fact that the option for promotion and benefits are almost limitless. But loyalty apps in particular have been on the rise in the recent years, and for a good reason.

Big businesses that have opted for a loyalty app have seen a great increase in revenue and customer satisfaction, as is the case of Dominos and their “Piece of the Pie Rewards” system (diners get a free pizza after six purchases of $10 or more).

Loyalty systems are no novelty – they have been around ever since the 19th century. Our generations are probably more familiar with the loyalty card systems that started out in the retail business but then almost every company was using them. Loyalty apps are the newest addition to that system, and the good thing is that there are multiple channels to execute that strategy.

There is another aspect of loyalty apps that is hugely beneficial for the customers, and that is the virtual loyalty card feature – they don’t have to worry where it is, and your company will save money by not printing physical cards.

Today, the businesses have means to reach out to a massive audience – directly and in real time. Furthermore, the customisation options are keeping each loyalty app personalised, nulling the need for a generic experience that your company can only hope to work.

Customers get exactly what they want tailored to their interaction with your brand, and you get a larger number of satisfied customers and a bigger ROI.


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