What Will 2019 Have in Store for Mobile App Development

2018 has been a very turbulent year regarding mobile app development. There have been many breakthroughs, new trends and creative ideas, and the upcoming 2019 looks like a very promising year for this field.

At the very top of our list is AI, or artificial intelligence, and for a good reason. Machine learning and AI
have become an integral part of mobile apps in a form that we all know too well – chatbots. These two
aspects of mobile apps can’t be separated, and the rising need for virtual assistants and chatbots is one
of the trends that 2019 brings to the table.

The concept of “Internet of Things” has also been very popular in recent years, and mobile app
developers are working hard to implement their apps into wearables like smart watches, movement
trackers and the similar. The consumers want accessible mobile apps, and the 2019 market will grant
their wishes.

Most of the people that use a mobile app to purchase a product or a service want a seamless payment
gateway, or if you will, a mobile wallet. Ever since mobile commerce became the preferred shopping
mode, mobile apps will see an increase in the mobile wallet functionalities in the year to come.

Say goodbye to app installation – instant apps are becoming an instant hit. They take up less space
compared to the native mobile apps, they are user-friendly and very convenient to use. We all want
faster loading and better user experience, so these apps are going to be one of the trends we’ll see
developing in 2019.

Era of beacons – this technology has been around for a while, but 2019 looks like a promising year for
further development. But how does it work? Beacons emit Bluetooth Low Energy radio signals which
communicate with the mobile apps in the vicinity, prompting them to “wake up”. Developers will use this
technology as a basis for their apps, and the benefits will be substantial.


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