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App Business Ideas: How An App Could Transform These SMEs

Are you looking for app business ideas, or want to know if an app would be good for your company? The Apps4U team look at four types of SMEs that need to start developing an app now!

There isn’t an SME around that couldn’t benefit from app development. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountancy firm or a butcher’s; an app has numerous benefits you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

But, that doesn’t mean some businesses cannot see more benefit than others. A number of SME industries are almost tailor-made to reap the rewards of app development.

The Best App Business Ideas

Today, the Apps4U team are going to look some specific industries and types of small business sectors that — with the help a few in-app features and functions — can see big improvements to the way their business is run.

If your business sector isn’t listed in this app development blog, don’t worry! Get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation, free consultation and find out exactly how an app can benefit you.

Take Aways

The takeaway industry is booming. The people of Britain can’t get enough takeaway food and the result is a rise in both meals consumed and outlets providing them. Building a takeaway business app is the perfect way to stay ahead of — or compete with — your rivals. But what makes an app such a powerful tool for the modern take away business?

  • Place Online Orders — Perhaps the most useful app feature you can have for a takeaway business is the ability to order online. An accessible and easy-to-use portal to your business, customers can select what they want and order with a tap of their phone. Forget lengthy calls remembering orders, or having to go down to the restaurant to order food.

Due to the convenience of an app for a takeaway business, customers — who prefer apps over mobile websites — are more likely to place orders if you have a dedicated app.

App Devlopment Ideas for Hairdressers

Another very common small business is the humble hairdressers. Often small and local companies, these are the types of businesses that rarely invest in things like websites, let alone mobile apps. But a mobile app development can be an incredibly advantageous to implement as part of your business model.

Why? Because there are numerous in-app features that can help boost customer engagement with your hair salon and bring in new forms of revenue.

  • Reservations — The modern person is all about convenience. They don’t want to be calling up hairdressers, trying to arrange an appointment when they’ve got a million other things to do. An app makes booking an appointment easy. You can keep a live tracker of what slots are available, and all your customer needs to do is pick the slot that is right for them.


  • Loyalty Schemes — Encouraging repeat business is a staple part of building a stable and effective brand. But how do you keep customers coming back? Loyalty programs are a popular choice, but things like stamp cards are so easy to lose. Using an app loyalty feature for your hairdressers means your customers always have a reason to come back.

Mobile Apps for Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

The food industry is a competitive one. With so many places to eat and drink, it’s hard to decide which one to visit. Yet, those who find a place they like tend to become loyal customers, which means drawing in patrons is the key to survival.

An app can be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when it comes to attracting repeat business, especially if you utilise features like:

  • Coupons and Vouchers — Nothing attracts customers to a restaurant or cafe like the promise of a good deal. People love to dine out and drink a nice coffee, but they are often luxuries that the money-conscious customer can’t afford. An app can be used to offer exclusive discount codes and deals, drawing in more business.


  • Menus — When somebody is hungry or thirsty, they want to know if you’ve got what they are looking for. Many, though, won’t want to spend time scouring the website in search of menus. By using an app, you can ensure customers can easily access your menus at any time, helping to make sure your business is the one to quench their thirst and satisfy their appetite.

Location-based advertising — Many food-based businesses have more than one location, but your customers may not know it. By using a smartphone’s native features within your app, you can send push notifications to your customers, informing them that they are close to one of your establishments.

Solicitors App Business Ideas

You may have noticed a trend when it comes to the above business types — they are all very similar in terms of the kind of services and products they offer. A solicitors firm, however, offers a very different type of service, but that doesn’t mean an app cannot be just as effective in boosting their business prospects.


By developing a business app for your solicitors and legal firm, you can offer a number of in-app features that improve efficiency and make things more convenient for clients, such as:


  • File Downloads — Provide a library of important documentation for clients. Personalise it with logins and make them accessible, even when the customer is offline.


  • Signing Documentation — Move things along quickly by allowing clients and staff to use touchscreens to sign important documents while away from the office.


  • E-Forms — Get the information you need without having to call clients in and absorb both yours and their time. Using an app, you can set up convenient e-Forms that clients can fill out and return.

Is your business ready to ramp up its potential? Got a business app idea you think could make some serious money? Get in touch with app development specialists Apps4U today!


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